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Artist statement

The world is manic, fast paced, dizzying; and my work is both a response and an antidote to the speed of the everyday. I’m primarily inspired by that which forces us to slow down and take stock – travel, mindfulness, nature; inspired by what compels us to stop and take a breath. I experiment with media and colour to snap ourselves out of autopilot by playing with elements of kitch, irony, iconography, screaming colour; radically combined with the mundane and the everyday, twisted together in both jarring yet considered combinations.

My work is deeply emotional, reflecting the inner world and its lurking madnesses, colour and loudness; but its potential for stillness and reflection. I also love to create immersive mixed media installations: engaging the physical body and the physical space as a portal to our inner worlds and to bring people on a corporeal journey of reflection, quiet and introspection.

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